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Nottingham City Council Tackles Motorcycle Theft

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Posted in Latest News by PM on 12:11 02nd December, 2019

Nottingham City Council is working in partnership with parking solutions specialist APT Skidata to introduce a secure parking cage at Lace Market multi-storey car park for motorcyclists to park their motorcycles with peace of mind.
Believed to be the first parking innovation of its kind, the solution comprises multiple layers of security to ensure the motorcycles are fully protected. The secure parking area, which is monitored by CCTV and uses automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to track all motorcycles entering the area, is only accessible by a dedicated app which generates a QR code for each parking session.
Karen Day, Nottingham City Council’s Service Manager for Parking Services, said the secure cage, which has a capacity for 20 motorbikes, is Nottingham City Council’s inventive approach to tackle theft at the multi-storey car park: “Lace Market had become a target for motorbike theft,” she explains.
“It was an issue for us and for motorbike owners. One or two motorcycles were being taken every week and the set-up of the old motorcycle parking area was not helping, as the bikes could be easily seen from the road and easily accessed by thieves.”
In a robust response to the problem, the parking area has been moved deeper into the car park and caged so that it can only be accessed by registered users.
The app-based parking solution requires motorcyclists to register their vehicle and payment details through a new app - RH Parking at Nottingham City. The app has been developed by APT Skidata and integrates with the existing parking management system used at Lace Market car park.
For Motorcyclists using the secure cage they initiate a parking session and a QR code is generated within the app, this technology allows entry to the secure area by scanning the QR code at the gates. They approach the car park by a dedicated lane which directs motorcyclists into a waiting area which allows them to remove their gloves and access their mobile if they aren’t already booked in.
Within the app, when a parking session is initiated a unique QR code is generated which is used to exit and re-enter on foot through the pedestrian gate; it is also used by the motorcyclist at the end of their parking session to exit the main gate.
Karen says that the solution restricts access: “Only the registered motorcyclists who have parked there are able to open the pedestrian gate and the use of the app on a smartphone means there is no reliance on paper tickets which could be lost or get into the wrong hands.
“We are pleased to be working with APT Skidata on this new solution. They know the car park well as their barrier and payment system are already installed. The new solution is integrated with the existing technology and we have their ongoing support,” says Karen.
“We have been trialling this new setup and so far the feedback from users is very positive,” says Karen. “It is making a real difference to people who no longer have to worry about their motorbike disappearing.”
Pete Brown, Managing Director of APT Skidata says the motorcycle cage is a smart solution: “Our technical team is able to tailor solutions to address very specific needs and this is a perfect example of seamless integration. The app-based solution is built on APT Skidata’s INStant.Exit parking access and payment solution in partnership with Just Park Mobile, and when combined with physical security it brings greater peace of mind to vehicle owners and stops would be thieves.
“Should Nottingham City Council or other car park owners decide to replicate it at other multi storey car parks with a secure area for motorcycles or simply as a mobile pay parking solution, multiple sites can be easily set up and managed through the same application.”
APT Skidata is a joint-venture of SWARCO AG and SKIDATA AG.
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