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Incentives won't change parking habits, according to quiz

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Posted in Latest News by PM on 9:55 05th November, 2015
More than 6,000 people have taken our parking quiz launched at the end of August to promote Park Mark across the UK.  Perhaps not surprisingly over half have discovered they are a 'perfect parker'.

The quiz was developed to encourage awareness of Park Mark and its benefits and promoted across social media platforms http://www.britishparking.co.uk/parking-quiz  A big thank you to everyone who has taken the quiz, shared it and commented on it.

Here's a snapshot of how you answered so far:

  • We are creatures of habit – the majority of people use a car park they know on a regular basis
  • Incentives to park elsewhere just don’t work! Even if they are for your favourite shop (Mary Portas take note). Not that all of you think it’s just a gimmick it’s just that you prefer your usual places. For the 15% that would take the voucher, you would prefer to walk further than pay more for parking
  • Most people don’t search for availability before they leave home, but since most people travel to the same car park regularly this isn’t surprising, however;
  • 30% do search for spaces online and they would rather do this than ask someone locally
  • 32% would renew their parking by mobile phone if they realised their ticket was about to expire, but 47% would run back to the car
  • If a car park was busy 60% would head for the top floor
What about parking in certain spaces?  Well,

  • 40% didn’t want to park in the first space they came to
  • 32% are not worried if the light is flashing and will park under it
  • 24% wouldn’t park in the space with a CCTV camera overlooking it
  • 60% of people reverse park into a space
So how do the quiz questions relate to Park Mark?

Park Mark is the logo that tells motorists that the car parking facility has been assessed for the safety of people and vehicles. This includes lighting, crime statistics, surveillance levels and management practices.

Having the right lighting levels mean criminals can’t hide in the shadows and appropriate surveillance levels mean fewer opportunities for crime to occur. CCTV is not the only method of surveillance. Natural surveillance is also very effective. Busy places or office and residential buildings overlooking sites can also act as a deterrent and how the car park is managed is crucial to the success of delivering a safer car park. Car parks with Park Mark have low to no crime and those built with the scheme’s criteria from the outset annually report zero crime.

Vehicle and vehicle related crime has been falling every year so motorists should not be worried that car parks generally are unsafe. Repeat parking habits indicate (no pun intended) that motorists feel comfortable, but there are concerns if going somewhere new or going on holiday. Park Mark can help motorists feel confident of their parking choices and you can search 5,000 of them on the Park Mark website, including visitor attractions, museums, airport parking and train stations to name a few.

What happens after you’ve parked?

A mandatory 10 minute grace period was written into legislation in England in April 2015 (unfortunately Scotland and Wales missed out) and applies to council owned car parks and on-street parking (as long as you parked legally). That means you have 10 minutes after your ticket expires before a warden issues a penalty charge.

If you aren’t into rushing back to the car there may be an alternative to cash pay & display, but not every car park offers credit card or mobile phone options. Mobile phone payments are on the rise but again, not everyone has a smart phone and paying this way can carry a small surcharge. So if you prefer to walk further than pay more for your parking, mobile phone payments probably aren’t for you.

And if you all turn up at once, directional signage inside the car park would be handy to cut emissions and congestion by pointing you to empty spaces, preferably starting at the top of a multi-storey and cascading down.

So hopefully the quiz has inspired people to look for Park Mark and to recognise the benefits of the scheme and the high standards it delivers. The quiz and social media comments have certainly shown that people deserve their perfect parking status.

If you haven’t found out what kind of parker you are take the quiz and share with friends, family and colleagues http://www.britishparking.co.uk/parking-quiz
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