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Stansted Airport shows off excellence in car park standards with 10 Park Mark awards

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Posted in Latest Award by PM on 9:15 23rd June, 2017

Stansted Airport is delighted that 10 of its car parks have been granted the prestigious Park Mark award.

Neil Banks, Head of Passenger Services at Stansted Airport, said:  “We are delighted that London Stansted has been awarded the coveted Park Mark award for our 10 passenger and staff car parks across the airport site. This is a great achievement and a fantastic endorsement of all the hard work we have undertaken to ensure our car parks are safe and secure for our customers.

“We remain committed to improving all aspects of the customer experience and investing further in our facilities to provide passengers with the best choice and service when choosing to fly from Stansted.”  

Stansted Airport has 10 car parks totalling more than 26,000 spaces across short stay, long stay, meet and greet and staff services catering for almost 25 million passengers every year.

A Park Mark is awarded to parking facilities that pass a rigorous risk assessment conducted by the police and the British Parking Association.  The assessments include management and maintenance of the facility, ensuring that there are appropriate levels of surveillance, lighting, signage and cleanliness.  These criteria are known to reduce the opportunity for crime and create a safer environment for the motorist and their vehicle.

Graham Chapman, British Parking Association Area Manager, said: “I am very pleased to welcome Stansted Airport Limited into the safer parking scheme and to be able to grant 10 Park Mark awards plus one more pending for July.

“Customers of Stansted Airport’s parking facilities, including meet and greet services can be assured that they can leave their vehicles in safe hands while they fly away abroad, no matter for how long.”

Stephen Armson-Smith Essex police assessor said: “I was pleased to work with Stansted Airport and the British Parking Association to give the public the confidence that their cars are safe and secure at the airport when left in the Park Mark registered facilities there.”

Car parks with the Park Mark award can use signage featuring the distinctive Park Mark tick, so that drivers know exactly where to go for safer parking.

A UK-wide survey in 2014 conducted by the British Parking Association on behalf of the scheme found that personal safety and location cited as joint priorities when choosing where to park.  There are currently 5000 car parks with the Park Mark award throughout the UK which can be found on a designated website www.parkmark.co.uk

Could you spot a Park Mark car park?  Have a go by taking this quiz www.britishparking.co.uk/parking-quiz

Photo: (left to right): Simon Baxter, Head of Car Parking Operations; Neil Banks Head of Passenger Services; Stephen Armson-Smith Essex Police Accredited Assessor and Graham Chapman, Safer Parking Scheme Area Manager

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