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Huddersfield Central Lodge’s car park awarded for safety and security

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Posted in Latest Award by PM on 15:55 04th June, 2018

Famous as a celebrity hang-out for the cast of Last of the Summer Wine, Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel has been awarded Park Mark for the 12th year running.  The lodge has one car park with 50 spaces that caters for hotel guests, local businesses and occasional parkers.

The owners are proud to say they have an outstanding record of crime prevention. Johnny Marsden said: “In the twelve years since the award was originally given we have never had a car stolen from our car park.”

A Park Mark is awarded to parking facilities that pass a rigorous risk assessment conducted by the police and the British Parking Association.  The assessments include management and maintenance of the facility, ensuring that there are appropriate levels of surveillance, lighting, signage and cleanliness.  These criteria are known to reduce the opportunity for crime and create a safer environment for the motorist and their vehicle.

Phil Taylor, British Parking Association Area Manager, said: “I am delighted that Huddersfield Central Lodge is in the Safer Parking Scheme.  They have an accredited parking facility and I visit this annually with my Police assessor for this area, Gerry Gallagher. It is a fantastic car park with very good security, which includes electric gates, and monitored CCTV.”

Car park operators with the Park Mark award can use signage featuring the distinctive Park Mark tick, so that drivers know exactly where to go for safer parking.  Early adopters of the scheme saw a dramatic drop in vehicle-related crime of over 80% showing that the initiative really does make a difference.  Personal safety and location have been cited as joint priorities when choosing where to park.

Could you spot a Park Mark car park?  Have a go by taking this quiz www.britishparking.co.uk/parking-quiz

Photo: (left to right): Phil Taylor, BPA North East Area Manager, Chief Inspector Steve Dodds, West Yorkshire Police, Johnny Marsden, Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel and police assessor, Gerry Gallagher, West Yorkshire Police.

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